Most of us can remember a teacher who literally changed the course of our lives. A teacher who possessed that inner drive to see us learn and thrive.

But that's the exception , not the norm, for most children in developing countries today.

Teachers, who genuinely want to make a difference, often find themselves demotivated in large bureaucratic systems. Their students therefore learn very little. Traditional 'carrots and sticks' (e.g. paying performance bonuses, or biometric fingerprinting) don't solve this problem.

If these trends continue, nearly half the world's children (750 million) in low and middle income countries will be victims of a global learning crisis by 2030, finishing school without gaining even basic secondary skills.

It's a moral, economic and social crisis – a tragic waste of human potential that will cost societies over $150 billion a year, with further knock-on effects on unemployment, health, and extreme poverty.

Our approach involves supporting governments to ignite and sustain teacher intrinsic motivation (TIM) at scale among the existing workforce.

We do this through building teacher networks: local, ongoing communities of practice that support teachers to work collaboratively to improve their teaching practice and children's learning.

Through these networks, teachers see tangible impact on their children, which further boosts their motivation and effort – creating a virtuous cycle. Local officials in these systems are fully trained and supported to lead the approach.

5 years in, we are impacting 75,000 teachers and 2.6 million children in India and Uganda.

Governments in both countries want us to support them to expand the approach to 1.5 million teachers and 60 million children by 2022

Rigorous independent evidence shows significant positive effects on teacher motivation and effort, and on student learning, and we seek to further increase impact.

Every dollar invested yields governments 7 dollars in increased teacher effort, and over 100 dollars from improved learning levels of citizens.

Furthermore, unit costs are falling to as little as

40 cents per child per year.

We are developing a longer term strategy with the support of a coalition of national governments, teacher unions, leading donors and the largest education actors.

We hope to provide 500 million children with
over 12 million intrinsically motivated teachers, by 2030

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